McKelvey Engineering facultyLearn more about the pathbreaking McKelvey Engineering faculty supported by professorships.

Engineering professors are preparing the next generation of innovators and change-makers with creative instruction and comprehensive mentorship. Through their own pathbreaking research, these thought leaders also are transforming the way we approach some of today’s most critical challenges. As WashU’s engineering faculty—both emerging luminaries and established leaders—advance discovery, the students who learn from them and work alongside them benefit immeasurably.

Endowed professorships are critical to recruiting and retaining outstanding educators and researchers, and distinguished professorships provide even greater resources to advance their work. Career-development professorships enable the university to cultivate promising faculty early in their careers.

The McKelvey Challenge presents an exceptional opportunity to make an enduring investment in faculty. Endowed gifts to establish named professorships are a lasting tribute to the donor and any person the donor wishes to honor.

Professorships: Dual Match Opportunity

Elevation Funding

Of all the areas of support eligible for the McKelvey Challenge, professorships provide the greatest return on investment. That is because this innovative challenge matches professorship support simultaneously in two ways. Elevation funding supplements each donor’s qualifying professorship gift or commitment so that it meets the university’s endowment minimum for the position type (see chart above or professorship challenge brochure PDF).

Position Type Donor Contributes Elevation Funding from Challenge
Distinguished Professorship
Endowment minimum: $3 million
$2 million $1 million
Endowment minimum: $2 million
$1.5 million $500,000
Career-Development Professorship
Endowment minimum: $1 million
$750,000 $250,000

Additional 2-to-1 Match

In addition to the elevation funding provided, for every dollar a donor contributes to create a professorship, the McKelvey Challenge will earn two dollars for the engineering dean’s highest priorities.

Computing + X

Computers drive nearly every aspect of our daily lives, a truth that has inspired McKelvey Engineering to launch Computing + X, an initiative to connect computational thinking with other fields. Through Computing + Music, Computing + Political Science, or Computing + other disciplines, the engineering school is transforming how research is conducted and how computer education is taught across campus.

Computing + X professorships support faculty working at the intersection of computing and another discipline. For these professorships, the McKelvey Engineering Challenge offers its elevation match to benefit the discipline outside the engineering school, as well as the 2-to-1 additional match to benefit McKelvey Engineering.